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Stop The Inflammation

Reduce or eliminate the foods that cause inflammation. You can help prevent or reverse inflammation and the diseases associated with it by avoiding the following foods:

All grains and grain products, including whole wheat bread, white bread (all breads), pasta, pizza dough, cereal, pretzels, crackers, bagels, pastries,  wheat thins, scones, and all flour goods.

Partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) found in margarine, deep fried foods, and most prepackaged junk foods.

Sodas, dairy (unless grass-fed cattle), soy, and sugar.

Corn oil, safflower oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, peanuts, soybean oil, sunflower oil, and the foods made with these oils including corn chips, potato chips, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, some salad dressings, and an assortment of prepackaged foods.

Meat and eggs from grain-fed livestock. This includes cheese, cream, milk, ice-cream, eggs, meat (chicken, and beef).


Fish Oils in Research

Some studies have shown that supplementing with fish oils results in a dramatic reduction in leukotriens in your body (one of the chemicals implicated in asthma and other allergic reactions) by 65%. This correlates with a 75% decrease in their clinical symptoms. Another fish oil study, involving rheumatoid arthritis sufferers (often treated with incredibly toxic and life threatening prescription drugs) who took 1.8 grams of EPA fish oil and reduced their saturated fats (land animal foods), showed significant improvement over and above a placebo.

I personally take 6 grams of fish oil a day. For prevention I’d recommend taking a minimum of 2 grams, preferably 4 grams of fish oil a day. For reversal of chronic inflammation and pain states I recommend taking up to 9 grams a day. It is best to take with food. To reduce the fishy taste place store your fish oil capsules in the freezer.

Pure High Dose Fish Oil



“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
-Benjamin Franklin

“Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”
-Denis Waitley



Risk Factors for Magnesium Deficiency

1) Excessive stress in your life whether from physical, emotional, or psychological stressors. Stressful conditions cause the body to use more magnesium and a lack of magnesium tends to make stress responses more severe. The hormones associated with stress, adrenaline and cortisol, were also associated with magnesium deficiency.

2) Eating or drinking highly sugary products including those with artificial sugar. Refined sugar has no magnesium and actually causes your body to excrete magnesium through the kidneys. In addition, these products also strip your body of many other highly essential nutrients and can leave you at risk for many health problems.

3) Drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcohol also increases kidney excretion of magnesium. Alcohol also tends to lower the efficiency of your digestive tract and lower Vitamin D levels, which can further lower magnesium levels.

4) Drinking caffeinated beverages. Caffeine works similarly to refined sugar in that it causes the kidneys to excrete magnesium.

5) Taking diuretics, heart medications, asthma medication, birth control pills, or estrogen replacement therapy. These medications increase magnesium excretion through the kidneys and can lead to deficiency.

6) Drinking dark colored carbonated beverages. The phosphates contained in dark beverages bind with magnesium in the body to reduce your magnesium levels.



Weight Loss Testimonials Keep Coming!

Mary M. in Wisconsin – lost 51 lbs.:
“My starting weight was 171 and I was out of shape and my hope was to be at least 130 which seemed out of reach for me. As the lbs came off it became easier for me to exercise and my energy levels increased.

By the time I began Phase 2 of the program I was 120 lbs. I went from size 20 to size 10-12. Wonderful news is my cholesterol levels dropped dramatically and my blood pressure is the best it has been in years.

Two months later I still am at the weight of 120 with no sweet cravings!!!! I feel good about looking at myself in the mirror now and my family and friends are amazed at how I have changed. I am grateful for Dr. Murphree’s help.”

Virginia “Ginny” Goodenough:

“In November of 2011 I saw one of Dr. Murphree’s ads. I went to his website and read all about him. Then I ordered his book, “Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” After reading the book, I decided: what could it hurt to contact Dr Murphree? So, after years of local doctors not believing in Fibromyalgia and just putting me on one medication after another, I called and set up an appointment to talk to Dr. Murphree. After my initial consultation and some blood work, Dr. Murphree told me that he could help me. …” (READ MORE)


CFS/Fibro Formula

In the “old days,” when I used to own and oversee my medical practice we would have patients come into the clinic for high dose vitamin and mineral IV therapy. These IVs had large doses of magnesium, as well as other vitamins and minerals and patients usually felt tremendously better after receiving them each week. The IVs weren’t without fault-they were expensive, $75-$90 a treatment, required one and half hours to be administered and their results were short lived.

Realizing the shortcomings of these IVs, I set out to create a “pack” of easy to take high dose supplements that could be taken in a pill and capsule form. This is where my CFS/Fibromyalgia Formula was created.

The CFS/Fibro Formula is loaded with the high doses of the essential nutrients including all the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, malic acid, and extra magnesium (680mg).


complete multivitaminThe Amino acids are what make our brain chemicals. They help restore normal brain function, increase mental clarity, reduce depression, anxiety, and fatigue.  The Essential Fatty Acids reduce pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, allow brain cells to communicate with one another, increase mental clarity, and boosts energy.  The Formula contains all the high dose vitamins and minerals based on The Optimal Daily Allowance according to Orthomolecular Medicine.

For anyone with fibromyalgia I recommend taking an Optimal Daily HIGH DOSE MULTIVITAMIN WITH minimum of 600mg of magnesium, preferably magnesium citrate or chelate (has best absorption, won’t irritate the stomach). You can also add magnesium in 150mg doses-take until loose bowel movement then reduce dose until have normal bowel movement (remember magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant and will relax the colon as well-great for IBS and constipation as well as stiff achy muscles.