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But Good Health Has To Be Expensive, Right?

When it comes to your health care, the best bargain, hands down, is prevention of disease through a healthy lifestyle – diet, exercise, stress reduction, healthy habits, and nutritional supplementation.

Fish oil supplements have been shown in previous studies to reduce the risk of death from heart disease. A new study involving more than 18,600 patients with an average age of 61 who had suffered from high levels of cholesterol validates fish oil supplements over statin drugs. After a follow-up period of about five years, 2.8 percent of patients in the group taking fish oil and 3.5 percent in the statin-only group had experienced a major coronary event, such as a nonfatal heart attack, or an episode of unstable angina.

So take fish oil, which costs less than $22 a month, and lower your risk cardiovascular episodes by 2.8 percent – without side effects, by the way. Or spend $100-plus a month on a statin drug known to have numerous potentially dangerous side effects (15 percent develop polyneuropathy the first year they take a statin) and reduce your cardiovascular incident risk by an additional .7 percent. Is it worth it? I don’t think so.

For my patients I like this super clean and healthy fish oil product.

If you really want to save some money, invest in prevention – diet, exercise, good heath habits, and proven nutritional therapies like fish oil (reduces heart related death by 45 percent), multivitamins (significantly reduces heart disease deaths), and vitamin E (reduces risk of death from all causes).

Patients may complain of the cost of nutritional supplements from time to time, but spending $30 a month on a good multivitamin and fish oil supplements is perhaps the greatest bargain ever.


Eat Your Breakfast

Studies show that you’ll eat 30 percent less throughout the day when you start the day with a good breakfast.